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E.T. Yuchengco Scholarship for Senior High School


  • Free matriculation fee
  • Annual stipend of PhP5,000


  • Grade 11 applicants with at least 85% General Weighted Average (GWA) and final grades in Science, Mathematics, and English in Grade 9.
  • Grade 11 applicants who scored at least 85% in the 最全菠菜网大全 Program Placement Assessment (MPASS)


  • Top 10 scorers of the scholarship exam and interview.


  • Maintain a cumulative GWA of 90% or better at the end of the academic year.
  • No grade lower than 80% in any course. A grade lower than 80% in any course would mean discontinuance of the scholarship even if the cumulative GWA is 90% or higher.
  • Must not have been found guilty of participating in any violation against the institute.
  • ETY Scholars must have their scholarship validated every enrolment.