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Medical Services

Manila Doctor’s Hospital
“Since April 2018, Manila Doctors Hospital, one of the leading tertiary hospitals in the Manila has been in partnership with 最全菠菜网大全 University. This partnership involves providing ready access to both employees and students of 最全菠菜网大全 University to the best medical care possible. By providing the university a ready credit line, 菠菜网最稳定正规平台s are assured that in times of medical emergency, Manila Doctors Hospital is open to provide assistance in emergency medical care without the burdens of financial uncertainty. This coupled with the assurance of top notch and world-class medical care that Manila Doctors Hospital is known for, makes this partnership a win-win for both institutions.”

  1. Appraisal Aspects Includes:
    • Health examination of the freshmen & consultation of old students.
    • Treatment and dispensing of medicines.
    • Prescribing follow-up medicine & issuance-up medical certificate.
    • Computerized Eye Examination (semi-annually) with the help of a private optometrist.
    • Cleanliness inspection of school surroundings.
  2. Preventive Aspects Includes:
    • Control of communicable diseases through voluntary vaccination. Illnesses like- Chickenpox, Influenza, Hepatitis A & B, Typhoid and MMR vaccine.
    • First aid treatment of minor injuries and mild illness which can be treated in the clinic e.g. - sprain, cough, colds, muscle pain, diarrhea, sore eyes, epigastric pain, hyperacidity and dysmenorrhea.
    • Emergency treatment in case of serious illness and injuries, patients are transported to an affiliate hospital. (MANILA DOCTOR’S HOSPITAL). After medical evaluation has been done at the clinic.
    • Water supply examination and treatment are done by DOH.
  3. Remedial Aspects:
    • Referral of patient to other hospitals for further evaluation and management
    • Follow-up of referred emergency patient at the MANILA DOCTOR’S HOSPITAL
    • Dental Services
  4. Supplementary Services:
    • Seminars are conducted for students relevant to health awareness.
    • Physical examination & issuance of medical certificate for Scholars sponsored by the DOST & Graduate School, OJT, Sports Activities and applicants for Student Assistantship.

Dental Services

  1. Patient Treatment
    • Oral hygiene instructions
    • Prescribes & dispenses medicines to control pain & hemorrhages.
  2. Curative Services
    • Treat and restores decayed tooth (as temporary filling only).
    • Tooth extraction (with parent & guardian consent).